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Introducing Luci

Dual processor architecture

Dedicated ARM flight core with Linux-powered co-processor for reliable flight control and application development.

10 degrees of freedom for indoor & outdoor drone solutions

Dual accelerometers, gyrometers, magnetometers, and a barometer for ultra-precise orientation.

Compact design

Fully-featured flight management and development system in a compact package the size of a credit card.

Wireless programming

Connect to any device with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for easy configuration and integration.

Scalability and flexibility

Diverse, real-time data collection in a low-power package built on open source software.

Advanced software development suite

Build sensor-enabled applications and simulate the code before hardware deployment.


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What we build with Luci


QK2 is a premium unmanned aerial systems (UAS) engineered for enterprise application development  and research.

What others build with Luci

Autonomous Detection

Air Pollution Monitor

Drone x Art

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drone applications.

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