The Dronesmith Solution

Our open platform and powerful cloud APIs enable developers to build, ship, and run drone applications on multiple devices, seamlessly in the cloud

Why Dronesmith?


Dronesmith provides a common framework and powerful development platform for hardware and software developers. Focus on application development rather than worrying about the building the tools and infrastructure. With our robust architecture, you can innovate faster, with agility, portability, and control.

Drones of Today

One drone
One controller
Limited software
Manual data retrieval

Drones of Tomorrow

Real-time & autonomous

For Drone Makers

Connect your drone to the internet with Luci and get access to an ecosystem of drone apps built on Dronesmith tools.

Does your drone have Luci-like hardware architecture? Consult with our solutions engineer to evaluate your project’s compatibility with the rest of our Dronesmith tools.

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For Developers

Dronesmith Suite consists of a variety of drone app building tools, including flight control RESTful APIs, virtual simulator, analytics tools, and sensor APIs.

We streamline the complexity of hardware, so that you can focus on building great apps. Develop once and have it run on any MavLink-based drone.

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For Enterprises

We provide fully architected custom solutions. With enhanced security and dedicated support, we offer the scalability and reliability that an enterprise demands.

Whether you are looking for an on-premise or in-cloud solution, our microservice based applications removes inconsistencies among platforms and languages.

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The Workflow


Code, package & deploy

Aided with Dronesmith tools, quickly create custom missions - and don't worry, code can always be pushed over the air!

Receive real-time data

While on mission, data can be delivered in real-time, enabling autonomous dynamic missions.

Turn data into insights

Real time data you've gathered resides on the cloud, enabling you to grab any insight you want using available cloud services.

Dronesmith Suite


Dronesmith Suite consists of a variety of drone app building tools, including flight control REST APIs, virtual simulator, analytics tools, and sensor APIs.


DS Cloud

Dronesmith Cloud is a web interface for managing your drones and remotely executing code.

Luci Flight Controller

The Luci flight controller pairs a PX4 compatible FMU (Flight Management Unit) with an Intel Edison Linux computer.

DS Link

DSLink is the surrogate application between your drone and Dronesmith Cloud.

Case Studies

Mid-air Drone Update

Autonomous Detection

Air Pollution Monitor

Drone x Art